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Digital Health InfoCast

Oct 18, 2022

Virtual care doesn’t just help to keep Canadians healthy — it can help improve the planet’s health as well. How can we measure the environmental impact of virtual care and what might that mean for the health system going forward? Join Dr. Nicole Simms (Executive Lead and Regional Coordinator (Central Canada), CASCADES; Centre for Sustainable Health Systems, University of Toronto), Bobby Gheorghiu (Director, Analytics, Canada Health Infoway) and Stella Guo (Analyst, Canada Health Infoway).

Check out the Infoway Virtual Care Benefits Calculator and the CASCADES Virtual Care Carbon Accounting Tool

You can also learn more about the Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health, and international work towards environmentally sustainable health systems.

Music: "Inspired," by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons. Digital Health InfoCast is produced by Canada Health Infoway and copyright under a Creative Commons license.