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Digital Health InfoCast

Apr 19, 2022

Medical clinic managers are key members of the health system, with a unique perspective on how digital tools and technology are transforming care. Today,  members from the Medical Group Management Association of Canada join the virtual studio. Thank you to Karen Majerly, Lisa Lamothe, Ngozi Anyaduba and Kristen Penick for the discussion!

Learn more about the Medical Group Management Association of Canada and its upcoming events!

Be sure to visit the Clinician Change Virtual Care Toolkit for tools that support clinicians and support staff with the use and adoption of virtual care. You can also visit Infoway Insights for more data on use and perceptions of digital health.

Music: "Inspired" and "Highlight Reel" by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons. Digital Health InfoCast is produced by Canada Health Infoway and copyright under a Creative Commons license.